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ootd no. 4 – i declare fall!

It’s fall, hooooorayyyyyy! anyone who knows me knows i LOVE me some fall. the leaves, the crisp days, the scarves, the smell of pumpkin, the colors. to me it feels more like a beginning than the new year. and. AND! the clothes! I feel like my fall wardrobe is far superior to my spring and summer wardrobe, so these sunny yet cold days make me a happy happy camper, i tell you.

And yesterday was the first day of fall that i wore tights! so for me, it was the official first day of fall. come celebrate with me! what are your favorite fall staples?

dress: Target (I think?)
jacket: Old Navy
tights: We Love Colors in black (I sprung for the more expensive ones, the ones with lycra, and holy AMAZING! can’t recommend highly enough. thank you for the gentle nudge, Kath!)
shoes: indigo by Clarks (Endless.com, but it looks like they only have suede left). These shoes are unbelievably comfy and my go to fall shoes. love love them. never thought I would rock the ankle bootie. so so wrong, i was.

Oh, you want a close up of the shoes? Done.

What’s that? And the pretty multicolored dress? I can do that too!


ootd no. 3 – ode to jeggings

I think that one of my first radical “I’m fat and don’t give a shit if what I wear is ‘appropriate’ or ‘figure-flattering’ enough for you” acts was purchasing and then wearing the ever-loving hell out of my first pair of jeggings. I love these things! Until rather recently, i would not have been caught dead in form-fitting pants. I watched a lot of “what not to wear”and by god, I knew how to “dress for my figure,” whatever the hell that means. But when I threw the rules out the window, there was no looking back. jeggings, bodycon dresses, maxi dresses, all thrown in the mix.

These jeggings are on their way out, I’m afraid. I’ve caught wind about these things called teggings, but I haven’t done much research. Anyone have a pair? Thoughts?

sweater: Target
tank top: Gap
jeggings: Lane Bryant
shoes: Calvin Klein (endless.com)
fat necklace: Definatalie!

closeup of the ever-so-amazing Fat Necklace!

I tried to capture the joy I have every time I put this necklace on, but the shutter went off before I was ready, so you can’t see the whole necklace in all of it’s glory. but you get the point. and i liked the pic anyway. One things this ootd exercise is teaching me is how to relax about seeing my image in photos. I’m grateful for that.

I absolutely adore this tank top so i’m giving you a close-up of the shiny stripes. shiny stripes! what’s not to love?

So what about you all? What was the first thing you remember wearing that was a distinct “fuck you” to those who’ve told you there are very specific rules you must ascribe to when dressing yourself?

ootd no. 2 – when i no longer hated shopping

I’m sure some of you can relate. Shopping can suck. That is, if you can even find on-trend stores that carry your sizes (like looking for a GD unicorn). And I’m fairly certain it’s not just us fatties that have trouble shopping, so I don’t want to pretend that we own that little corner of the world. however, there are more of us in that corner than non-fats, i think. I’ve ranted before about how much I detest the fact that I am relegated to online shopping for a lot of my clothes.

I’ve never been a huge fan of shopping for clothes, for pretty typical reasons: nothing seems to fit, I hate how i look in everything, every time I go into (yet another) straight size store with my friends, I quarantine myself to the jewelry and/or handbag section. There are only so many times you can “ooo” and “aaah” at a necklace, amirite? anyway, shopping for my home? perusing bookstores? design stores? sign me UP. I think that’s because I actually like the process of shopping…when I get rewarded at the end with cute stuff to buy.

Before I became familiar with the fatosphere, and, more specifically, the fatshion bloggers out there, my clothing stores of “choice” were department stores like Macys or Nordstrom, the 8th circle of hell that is Old Navy, Target (for clothes that look ok but that I know will fall apart in two months), and Torrid. These will all certainly do in a pinch, and in fact, I’ve come to totally love the “woman’s section” of Macys (what does that mean, btw? non-women shop in the straight size section? whatever). They have great stuff and fantastic sales! In the last couple of years I’ve started to enjoy shopping for clothes again. Part of it is because I’ve focused my frustration, when I have it, outward…at the clothing manufacturers, at the department store for not carrying a wide enough range of sizes, you name it. I’m not angry or frustrated at myself because my body just won’t fit whatever it is I’m trying on anymore. This has been tremendously helpful. The other helpful thing? I just try more stuff on. I don’t assume things won’t fit by holding it up. And I don’t assume something will look hideous on me right off the bat.

Enter this ootd. I love this dress. love love love it. And I thought it was totally blech and meh when I saw it on the hanger. You name it, I didn’t like it about the dress (or “garment” as they say on Project Runway). The material was cheap looking, the pattern was too busy, a maxi dress on a fatty? lord help me. Then I tried it on and all of that went out the window. The dress is super flowy, which makes it feel absolutely divine around my legs in the summer when there is a breeze. The colors are bright and cheery and interesting. And what is this? I LOVE maxi dresses! As anyone in my life will tell you, I’m also partial to a good jean jacket. Delightful. The two together? Yes and please and thank you.

So, moral of the story! Try shit on! And be prepared to hate some of it. And don’t get pissed at yourself when things don’t fit – it’s not your fault.

I’d love to get some suggestions as to where you do your clothes shopping! I mentioned the physical stores I tend to head to, and online I’m in love with Asos Curve right now. What else?

dress: Inc. (Macys)
jean jacket: Old Navy
earrings: boutique in Richmond, VA

so pretty, right? like a painting.

ootd no. 1 – dipping a toe in

So I’ve done one ootd before (well, it was a half) and I’ve decided it’s time to start integrating more pics of myself into this here space. For several reasons, really. Namely, I have *so* much fun perusing all of the fatshion blogs out there – every time I see someone who has a body like mine? it’s like…I’m not sure I can even explain it. It makes me smile inside. I breathe freer. I want more. Yes, yes, I know. Seems extreme, doesn’t it? But, to go from hardly ever seeing your likeness portrayed in the media, in magazines, online, etc, to being able to spend hours looking at fun and pretty and funky and out-there and punk and girly and creative fashion rocked by fat girls? yes fucking please and thank you. I’m not saying I even come close to the level of raditude out there (see: ivory jinelleDefinatalie, most of tumblr, bearly on earth, gabifresh, and on and on), but anything i can do to add to the beautiful fat and fashionable masses out there, I’m all over that shit. I should also add, that blogs of fashionable “death fats” (of which I am one) don’t match the non-death fat blogs in numbers, so that’s another reason I’m throwing my hat into the ring. Another reason? It’s powerful to be visible.

so, without further ado, i bring you ootd no. 1:

dress: Target
sweater: Anthropologie (i know! never thought they would have stuff that fit me. always try it on!)
shoes: Seychelles (Nordstrom, I think?)
necklace: gifted by my fabulous co-workers

closer view of the whole situation

surprisingly comfortable! ish.

an even closer shot of the necklace b/c i heart it so much

my first 5k

So I did my first 5K on saturday! My one goal (well, apart from finishing it) was to run it more than i walked it. I met that goal, walking about 1/3 of it and running the other 2/3. My sister did it with me and it was a really fun experience. People cheering and yelling and banging cow bells, little kids and old folks and fat men and women, all just out enjoying the sunset and the awesome views. We finished in probably the last third and I gotta say, I knew there would be some competitive thoughts running through my head but it wasn’t as hard to work through them as I thought it would be. “eek, there are only like 50 people behind you” and “what if you’re the last one crossing the finish line?” popped in to my head but I was able to just calm down, breathe, and remind myself that I’ve never done anything like this before and that the point isn’t to blitz by everyone, it’s to focus internally and be present. Like yoga while jogging! Yogging?

I keep coming back to just how far I’ve come in a couple years. Not that long ago, i would have NEVER thought to do something like this, for fear of looking like a total asshole. A fatty who had no business whatsoever running in public. I would have been completely shredded the first time someone looked me up and down. I would have felt like a total poser in dry-fit and running shoes. It is, simply put, absolutely mind-blowing how we can interact with the world in a totally different manner when we decide we don’t give a single fuck about how we “should” do something and what is “appropriate.” I’m not saying there aren’t fucks I give every now and then, but on Saturday, those went away and it was delightful. I am thankful for a body that allows me to do these kinds of things, and I am thankful for a wonderful 5K partner, and I am thankful for my health. And so ends one of the sappiest entries I’ve had in a long time.

go big or go home – ootd no. 0.5

the last time I remember being in public with bare arms is about 4 years ago in portland, oregon when i perhaps would have died of heat stroke (i know. portland. but it was one of the 2 days in the state that gets hotter than blazes). as a rule, i, like many fatties, do not bare arm it. this is something i want to change. i also want this year to be full of doing things that are scary/unfamiliar to me.

so, i bring you my first OOTD (for the uninitiated, “ootd” means Outfit of the Day and there are entire blogs dedicated to them (check out the ones over there on the right side of this blog under “fatshion” to get yourself started)).

this is ootd no. 0.5 because it’s not a full outfit. but, you know, baby steps. this pic is very symbolic for me. it symbolizes a huge step in my FA journey, it symbolizes a promise to myself to try and do things that scare me. the bathing suit top is from Land’s End – can I get a woot for underwire??