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ootd no. 4 – i declare fall!

It’s fall, hooooorayyyyyy! anyone who knows me knows i LOVE me some fall. the leaves, the crisp days, the scarves, the smell of pumpkin, the colors. to me it feels more like a beginning than the new year. and. AND! the clothes! I feel like my fall wardrobe is far superior to my spring and summer wardrobe, so these sunny yet cold days make me a happy happy camper, i tell you.

And yesterday was the first day of fall that i wore tights! so for me, it was the official first day of fall. come celebrate with me! what are your favorite fall staples?

dress: Target (I think?)
jacket: Old Navy
tights: We Love Colors┬áin black (I sprung for the more expensive ones, the ones with lycra, and holy AMAZING! can’t recommend highly enough. thank you for the gentle nudge, Kath!)
shoes: indigo by Clarks (, but it looks like they only have suede left). These shoes are unbelievably comfy and my go to fall shoes. love love them. never thought I would rock the ankle bootie. so so wrong, i was.

Oh, you want a close up of the shoes? Done.

What’s that? And the pretty multicolored dress? I can do that too!