ootd no. 4 – i declare fall!

It’s fall, hooooorayyyyyy! anyone who knows me knows i LOVE me some fall. the leaves, the crisp days, the scarves, the smell of pumpkin, the colors. to me it feels more like a beginning than the new year. and. AND! the clothes! I feel like my fall wardrobe is far superior to my spring and summer wardrobe, so these sunny yet cold days make me a happy happy camper, i tell you.

And yesterday was the first day of fall that i wore tights! so for me, it was the official first day of fall. come celebrate with me! what are your favorite fall staples?

dress: Target (I think?)
jacket: Old Navy
tights: We Love ColorsΒ in black (I sprung for the more expensive ones, the ones with lycra, and holy AMAZING! can’t recommend highly enough. thank you for the gentle nudge, Kath!)
shoes: indigo by Clarks (Endless.com, but it looks like they only have suede left). These shoes are unbelievably comfy and my go to fall shoes. love love them. never thought I would rock the ankle bootie. so so wrong, i was.

Oh, you want a close up of the shoes? Done.

What’s that? And the pretty multicolored dress? I can do that too!


15 responses to “ootd no. 4 – i declare fall!

  1. yay for fall! so agree with you on the feeling like a fresh start even more than new year’s! can’t wait to spend some quality fall time with you next month, friendship! have to ask – what’s with the cisco vid posted above?

  2. oh. now it’s gone. weird! i thought you shared a vid to something, so i started watching. and thought huh, this has nothing to do with fall or ootd! you know, you just may have inspired me to try some tights. i have a cute dress and tights would really work with it, i think.

    • yeah, i was all “um, what video?” i think there are adverts on my blog since i don’t pay for it. what that it?

      doooooo it! do tights!! they are deLIGHTful! so toasty warm and cute!

      can’t wait to see you soon, hooray!!

  3. Love loooove this ‘fit! How am I the one that used to be the shopaholic in the fam but you and Caits have all the style? Lame I tell you, lame.
    And yilliaaaaan! I hear that you are “Megan” again this Thanksgiving? I’m so jealous!! You have a very honored role of making the best garlic mashed potatoes ever known to man. I know you’ll uphold the tradition πŸ™‚

  4. wait, what? i thought you were gonna be there this time, megs! no? super bummer! but i will be honored to represent you – and i shall bring forth my best potato effort. πŸ˜‰

  5. I’m not so much of a fashion maven, but it’s great to think “What fine clothing combination can I wear today?” rather than “What can I throw on that won’t make me swet to death or get a skin rash which will nevertheless offer some protection from the sun?”
    I like soft fuzzy clothing, say on jackets or vests. I like tights but not pantyhose so much. I like nice materials for cool and cold weather, like leather and suede and silk. Summer is just end-to-end cotton, since I can rarely find linen.I love autumn colors – orange, brown, dark green, maroon.
    I think of fall as a new beginning, the time of year when I’m most interested in getting things done and going places. For parents, it’s when school starts; for Jews it really is the new year. Hooray for autumn!

  6. I have to say, I’m totally in love w/ fall as well. I’ve been rocking the dress + tights/leggings basically nonstop for the past few weeks. Must add the cute denim jacket to the rotation. Apparently, jeans are now banished from my closet (too damn constrictive), so dresses it it! Gotta say my other fave are these open super loose cardigans (no buttons or zips, just open) made of sweatshirt-like material that I found at Nordstrom Rack. Best part, other than that they are cozy and darling and cover my butt when I’m wearing them w/ just leggings, are that they have POCKETS!

    Other fave new find of fall is the pumpkin spice americano (at s-bucks or Tully’s). Why did I not drink coffee until this year? So g.d. delicious. Like fall in a cup! Also, I have a little elf in my house right now making pumpkin pie — I may have had a piece delivered to me in last night while I was reading in bed. Maybe your next post can be on fave fall meals b/c really, that’s another of my fave parts of autumn!

    • oh yeah, i love those cardigans on you! with pockets? get out!! um, please feel free to share with your elf that i, too, like pumpkin pie. i haven’t tried the pumpkin spice americano, may have to give it a whirl! muah!

  7. Cute look! See I told you the Lycra ones were amazing!!

    I am jealous of your autumn. I’m gearing up for summer here, which I HATE.

  8. This has to be the sexiest thing I’ve seen all day. Thank you for taking my breath away and making me smile. There are still beautiful women out there! And you’ve just proved it to me. πŸ™‚

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