ootd no. 3 – ode to jeggings

I think that one of my first radical “I’m fat and don’t give a shit if what I wear is ‘appropriate’ or ‘figure-flattering’ enough for you” acts was purchasing and then wearing the ever-loving hell out of my first pair of jeggings. I love these things! Until rather recently, i would not have been caught dead in form-fitting pants. I watched a lot of “what not to wear”and by god, I knew how to “dress for my figure,” whatever the hell that means. But when I threw the rules out the window, there was no looking back. jeggings, bodycon dresses, maxi dresses, all thrown in the mix.

These jeggings are on their way out, I’m afraid. I’ve caught wind about these things called teggings, but I haven’t done much research. Anyone have a pair? Thoughts?

sweater: Target
tank top: Gap
jeggings: Lane Bryant
shoes: Calvin Klein (endless.com)
fat necklace: Definatalie!

closeup of the ever-so-amazing Fat Necklace!

I tried to capture the joy I have every time I put this necklace on, but the shutter went off before I was ready, so you can’t see the whole necklace in all of it’s glory. but you get the point. and i liked the pic anyway. One things this ootd exercise is teaching me is how to relax about seeing my image in photos. I’m grateful for that.

I absolutely adore this tank top so i’m giving you a close-up of the shiny stripes. shiny stripes! what’s not to love?

So what about you all? What was the first thing you remember wearing that was a distinct “fuck you” to those who’ve told you there are very specific rules you must ascribe to when dressing yourself?


20 responses to “ootd no. 3 – ode to jeggings

  1. The first thing I can remember came very young; baseball caps. They were ‘for boys’ but I loved them because they made me feel tough, even though I was unsure of myself. Later, Eve Ensler’s piece “My Short Skirt” gave me the courage to wear skirts in highschool, not often, but I wore them as I realized that wearing a skirt was NOT an invitation to be harassed or teased.

  2. Look at you! You gorgeous thing, you! ❤ I love it! Rockin' your fat necklace and looking fabulous! I want teggings, but know so little about 'em. Just that I need them! Ha-ha! ❤

    • aw, thank you! haha, i don’t know anything about them either except that i need them. if i get a pair, i’ll let you know the scoop, if you promise to do the same for me 🙂
      and i’ll see you this weekend at cupcakes and muffintops, right?? i’m so excited!

  3. love the ootd! (reminds me of our rtod, remember?) love the necklace. even more love that you rock it! i don’t know anything about teggings, but they frighten me because i feel like they could be what some people were wore when leggings became really popular again but it was clear that they’d actually chosen tights and not leggings, because the sheerness showed a lot more than they seemed to be aware of.

  4. Well, I must admit that I want clothes to flatter me in the traditional way (e.g. minimise flaws, maximise assets). But here’s the thing. For years I wore baggy and shapeless and then one day I decided to try fitted (it was my first pair of jeggings). And guess what? I looked better instantly.

    That top you’re wearing is great, by the way.

    • thank you! i also have it in a purple-y pink color. i used to be one of those “buy it every color” people but now i can at least hold myself to purchasing only two of the same thing. 🙂

      I certainly don’t have a problem with people dressing however they want to dress (i.e. wearing “flattering” clothes), what I have a serious problem with is other people deciding what my/our flaws and assets are.

  5. I’m not a jeggings fan. It’s the faux denim that I don’t like.
    However, I live in tights and leggings. I just bought a whole stack of We Love Colors leggings in really hot colours, and I am loving them to bits.

    • oh interesting! what if they ARE actual denim, just super thin and stretchy? still no like?

      You know, I want to love We Love Colors so so very much. Their colors and divine (I have some in bright pink, royal blue, and kelly green), but I feel like they just don’t hold their stretch, you know? they pool around my ankles a bit…and I’m not buying them too big, I know that. I think there are a couple different versions of them, maybe I’m buying the cheaper ones and I should spring for the nicer ones?

      • No like. Denim is meant to be heavy and have a certain feel to it. That kind of thin stuff is just not right for me.

        Definitely fork out the extra couple of bucks for the Lycra blend tights, and try the leggings as well. I had baggy ankles and knees in the cheaper ones, and they didn’t last at all. The Lycra blend ones stay smooth and don’t lose their shape on washing at all. I still have the pairs I bought two years ago, and I’ve worn them lots. You might have to go down a size in the Lycra blend, I did. Not everyone does though.

        The leggings are awesome, I am normally an E in the tights, but I got the leggings in their biggest size, which is a 3X and they fit me perfectly.

  6. Hello beauty! Love the whole dang outfit, and am kind of coveting the shiny striped orange shirt. I am wearing old grey sweats and a jam stained denim shirt as I type this. I am comfy.
    Sending love your way, P.

  7. I love this outfit! You look amazing. I haven’t worn pants in years and last fall, I too, decided to embrace and “wear the ever-loving hell” (love that) out of a pair of Old Navy jeggings. I don’t think they will last me through fall… but they have served me well!

    Just to latch on to one of the other comments (Hi Kath! <3)…The WLC tights in the nylon/lycra are SO WORTH the extra $$. But I sometimes still have a little ankle sagging but I think I'm in between the E/EE.

    I've heard really good things about teggings. Marilyn Wann let us fondle hers yesterday at the swap… they are super stretchy and made out of a thick tights material. I loved the feel. I might order a pair and see how they work!

    • Thank you! I used to ONLY wear pants, now it’s dresses and skirts all the way. With the occasional jegging, obvs.

      LOLing at the “fondling Marilynn Wann’s teggings” line. love it. Let me know how they work if you order them! Methinks I’ll get a pair as well.

      Also, tell me about the ON jeggings if you don’t mind! I was just looking those up last night and I don’t think the reviewers are all that helpful. I’ve purchased two pair of ON skinny jeans before and they were SO freaking small and weirdly shaped I couldn’t get over it. Which pair do you buy?

      So lovely to meet you yesterday!

      • I’m between a 28 and 30 in Old Navy jeans. I bought a pair of their regular skinny jeans but haven’t worn them outside the house because my insides cry BIG FAT TEARS from being squished to smithereens.

        Skinny leg jeggings? Life changing. The jeggings are much, much more forgiving. I have pairs in a 28 and 30. If you’re on the smaller/mid end of a size, you can probably go down one. Over a year of wear, mine have actually kept their shape pretty well but the legs are starting to pill. Not surprising, but I’ve worn/washed them a lot – so I would say they are pretty awesome.

  8. love LOVE your ‘fit! And your hair too, as I previously mentioned on fb. I’m seriously stalking you today. MUAHAHAHAHA

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