ootd no. 1 – dipping a toe in

So I’ve done one ootd before (well, it was a half) and I’ve decided it’s time to start integrating more pics of myself into this here space. For several reasons, really. Namely, I have *so* much fun perusing all of the fatshion blogs out there – every time I see someone who has a body like mine? it’s like…I’m not sure I can even explain it. It makes me smile inside. I breathe freer. I want more. Yes, yes, I know. Seems extreme, doesn’t it? But, to go from hardly ever seeing your likeness portrayed in the media, in magazines, online, etc, to being able to spend hours looking at fun and pretty and funky and out-there and punk and girly and creative fashion rocked by fat girls? yes fucking please and thank you. I’m not saying I even come close to the level of raditude out there (see: ivory jinelleDefinatalie, most of tumblr, bearly on earth, gabifresh, and on and on), but anything i can do to add to the beautiful fat and fashionable masses out there, I’m all over that shit. I should also add, that blogs of fashionable “death fats” (of which I am one) don’t match the non-death fat blogs in numbers, so that’s another reason I’m throwing my hat into the ring. Another reason? It’s powerful to be visible.

so, without further ado, i bring you ootd no. 1:

dress: Target
sweater: Anthropologie (i know! never thought they would have stuff that fit me. always try it on!)
shoes: Seychelles (Nordstrom, I think?)
necklace: gifted by my fabulous co-workers

closer view of the whole situation

surprisingly comfortable! ish.

an even closer shot of the necklace b/c i heart it so much


23 responses to “ootd no. 1 – dipping a toe in

  1. ohhhhhh i love this on so, so many levels. adore you, friend! gorgeous, fabulous, stunning friend.

  2. I am shocked how much stuff I find at Anthropologie!! There are some brands they carry that absolutely would never fit me, but sometimes you find something great.

  3. I think I have that sweater in fact. Did it come in a super bright Kelly green too?

  4. And may I ask what do you put on your hair? I wish my curly locks looked as nicely tamed as yours.

    • ah yes, the life long quest for the perfect product 🙂 I feel like i’ve used everything under the sun, no? Right now I’m using Kevin Murphy Hair Resort (less than a dime size dollop, it’s really thick and pumps up the hair a bit, b/c while you can’t tell by looking at it, my hair is pretty fine) followed by Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion. Stuff ain’t cheap, but it works beautifully. I also used regular ol’ Garnier mousse for a while which worked really well (and was cheaper!) until one day it just didn’t anymore.

      • remember the good ol’ days of that paul mitchell mousse that we both used that was the BIZZniss? i miss it. that’s all.

        • ?? i totally don’t! CURSE my horrible memory! I do remember, however, going through massive amounts of varied product when we lived together : ) No one loves product like the Jillie.

          • wow – for serious? you turned ME onto it! we got it at target, smelled coconutty/pineapple-y, came out in the big whipped cream poufs. anyhoo. yes, i do love me some product.

            • Oh, I still miss this product that Bath & Body Works sold that was this strawberry creme stuff that made my hair form perfect ringlets. Of course, my hair was the hair of a 25 year old, and I lived in a much drier climate. I hate to shell out money on a product I’ve never tried, so I usually try to score some samples before laying out money. I’ll look up that Kevin Murphy line though. Thanks so much!

            • I remember that! I used to steal it from Breeze when she’d come home! Well, steal meaning steal a dollop of it. Not actually steal the whole bottle. But it was rad.

  5. you look lovely! thanks for being brave enough to post images of yourself!

  6. Great pix! The shoes are just the right height – make your legs look terrific, and I would truly kill for the necklace. The whole outfit looks chic but still comfy & more importantly it looks great on YOU.
    It’s true about Anthropologie: you never know what you’ll find there, but Target? Have NEVER found a dress that looked so good.
    Keep posting the pictures – they give a much bigger punch to your written material.

    • You know, Target is now one of my go-to places for cute dresses! It’s still true, unfortunately, that they relegate their plus-size section to, like, the back of the poorly lit section, like they’re trying to hide it or something (and sometimes it’s just mixed in with maternity, wth?). But I’d say every other time I go there I find stuff I would wear.

  7. Woo hoo! I love that outfit and I’m so glad to see more of you, too!

  8. Fabulous style! I particularly love the turquoise pops in your shoes and jewellery. Werk it!

    Welcome to fatshion!

  9. oh, helloooo, sessy sister!

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