my first 5k

So I did my first 5K on saturday! My one goal (well, apart from finishing it) was to run it more than i walked it. I met that goal, walking about 1/3 of it and running the other 2/3. My sister did it with me and it was a really fun experience. People cheering and yelling and banging cow bells, little kids and old folks and fat men and women, all just out enjoying the sunset and the awesome views. We finished in probably the last third and I gotta say, I knew there would be some competitive thoughts running through my head but it wasn’t as hard to work through them as I thought it would be. “eek, there are only like 50 people behind you” and “what if you’re the last one crossing the finish line?” popped in to my head but I was able to just calm down, breathe, and remind myself that I’ve never done anything like this before and that the point isn’t to blitz by everyone, it’s to focus internally and be present. Like yoga while jogging! Yogging?

I keep coming back to just how far I’ve come in a couple years. Not that long ago, i would have NEVER thought to do something like this, for fear of looking like a total asshole. A fatty who had no business whatsoever running in public. I would have been completely shredded the first time someone looked me up and down. I would have felt like a total poser in dry-fit and running shoes. It is, simply put, absolutely mind-blowing how we can interact with the world in a totally different manner when we decide we don’t give a single fuck about how we “should” do something and what is “appropriate.” I’m not saying there aren’t fucks I give every now and then, but on Saturday, those went away and it was delightful. I am thankful for a body that allows me to do these kinds of things, and I am thankful for a wonderful 5K partner, and I am thankful for my health. And so ends one of the sappiest entries I’ve had in a long time.


16 responses to “my first 5k

  1. This is so awesome. Awesome. You rock!

  2. this is ridiculously inspirational to me and i am so proud of you. also? yogging is brilliant. love you so much, friendlette!

  3. That is so incredibly awesome.

  4. Way to go! And I love the term ‘yogging’… must incorporate more of that into my life. You are awesome!

  5. Congratulations! What a great accomplishment.

  6. Awesome! Reading this makes me want to give it a try!
    Congrats in particular for the way you managed your thoughts, that’s inspiring as well.

    • it’s so interesting. for me, it’s not necessarily the physical part that’s the hardest, it’s all of the mental stuff. i mean, it ain’t easy physically, but i didn’t expect to have to work SO hard at checking my thought process. funny how that works out sometimes.

  7. Congratulations!!! Such a huge accomplishment!

  8. You should be *so* proud of yourself!

    • i am! 🙂 well, that’s only half true. i am proud, but to get to that feeling i have to bypass the “good lord, it’s not THAT far. and you probably used to be able to do that in less time” and all that unhelpful shit. But i end up at the proud stage, and that’s a good step in the right direction!

  9. Love this post. You are inspiring and always make me think about how I am talking to myself.

    Congrats on the run. I want to get yogging more.

  10. First off Congrats! You are so inspiring! I’m looking to do the same thing and I just started a blog to keep myself on track. I totally agree with you, for me one of the hardest things has been feeling like people are thinking that I shouldn’t be running because I’m a fatty. I feel like everyone is always looking at me… when I suppose in reality everyone is probably equally self-conscious. So, I’m trying to make training for my 5k adventure more about “me time” and less about comparing myself to everyone else….. there has to be at least one of those skinny minnies out there who started out just like us!

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