an ode to self-care. and, happy blogiversary!

I started this blog exactly one year ago today (hooray!) so I’ve been reflecting a lot lately. I’ve also been feeling a bit sad and down the last few days, for a variety of reasons. My work is controversial – reproductive justice is, unfortunately, a contentious issue. For those of in the States, we’ve been dealing with some incredibly oppressive and patriarchal proposed legislation that would make it virtually impossible for low income women and women of color to access reproductive health care, including abortion. I don’t work on the front lines – I’m not a provider, i don’t do policy work, and i’m not on capitol hill. I am, however, steeped in this movement and there are some days when I just want to scream “ENOUGH!!!!” at the top of my lungs. STOP trying to exert control over women’s bodies, STOP trying to pretend that you’re “pro-life” when you don’t actually give a shit about what happens to low income families and children once they’re born and instead choose to slash public benefits and health care, STOP acting as though the decisions you would make are the decisions we ALL should make. So many of these threads run through my work in fat acceptance as well. We receive messages every single day about our bodies, our food choices, the way we present ourselves to the world. It gets tiring! And it fills me with this huge, profound sense of sadness.

Going online and into the wonderful, fabulous FA community is an incredible way for me to combat the negative messages/images/legislation because I’m welcomed into a place that “loves, without judgment”, but i’ve started to leave other forms of self-care by the wayside and that’s not good. So this is me, committing to practicing more self-care. Baths, a ‘lil facial now and then, getting outside more, reading, taking photos.

Speaking of, when I turn my head to the left and look out my window, this is what I see. little slice of happiness right there! welcome spring!


9 responses to “an ode to self-care. and, happy blogiversary!

  1. It constantly amazes me how much the Republican party goes on about the need for “smaller government” and how government has become too intrusive into people’s lives. Except for women’s uteruses, obviously they need more government.

    In my country (South Africa) abortion is legal, and freely available in government and private facilities. There are numerous reproductive health charities working as providers as well. Physical access is a problem for women in poor and rural areas, and some providers are hostile to patients – these are all problems that need work – but the basic law and government support is secure. The right to reproductive choice is enshrined in the constitution.

    Here’s something that may either be cheerful or depressing: an excerpt from our bill of rights, which I think should be a model for the world: “The state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.”

    • ah yes, the south african constitution. the one we’re jealous of when it comes to repro rights 🙂

      the other thing that just pisses me off to no end – these bills are being touted as a way to make us more “fiscally responsible.” yet, something like 80 abortions are provided each year from Medicaid (public funding) funds through one of the current exceptions. 80. total. in the entire U.S. So, we’re going to save a BUNDLE when those women are now NOT allowed to access reproductive health services and instead add another person to their family and will require more public assistance (which, for the record, i don’t have a problem with, i’m just pointing out the idiocy).


  2. Happy Blogiversary!

    The stuff coming from the US on abortion law and health care has really been frightening me. It’s like I’m living in the times in The Handmaid’s Tale. I can’t believe this stuff is even up for debate, it’s such a violation of women’s basic human rights.

    Those blossoms are beautiful!!

    • totally The Handmaid’s Tale! Repro rights and justice advocates in the US have started using human rights framework to argue for a woman’s right to safe and accessible repro healthcare, but it’s slow going b/c the US either hasn’t signed the various treaties or has signed them but with reservations. apparently we like the idea of human rights, we just don’t want to have to provide them.

      and thank you! it was such a fun surprise to see them hanging out right outside my window. though it’s supposed to rain here for a couple weeks, so the little blossoms are gonna get pummeled. sad.

  3. Self-care if imperative! I consider it part of my own personal mental health regiment. The BS they keep proposing is outrageous in the worst of ways. No matter how long it’s been a law, they still want to change it. The thing is, they don’t give a leap about lower income anyone. No matter the issue, if you make less than ___, then you are basically seen as worthless and will be completely uncounted. This isn’t new, but I am glad it’s getting more attention than usual. Thanks for your work and stick with the self-care, we need you!

  4. happy blogiversary! i don’t know how this one didn’t show up on my reader, but i was delighted to stumble across it. you’ve put a lot into this past year of self reflection – i hope, if you haven’t already done so, you go back and re-read the past year sometime. i do that from time to time and it’s interesting to say the least. also, i feel you on the needing to practice more self-care. i don’t even wash my makeup off at night, for sobbing out loud. i always crow about me being my own top priority but i don’t really practice that.

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