it’s here, hooray!

look what came in the mail on Friday! isn’t it so pretty? it broke in transit (sadface), but I super glued that sucker back together (happyface!) so it’s ready to be sported proudly. it’s funny, when Natalie first brought these little beauties out into the world, i was certain there was no way I could ever wear it in public. but now i think i’m ready. it truly is amazing, how you can take a charge away from a word by reclaiming it – refusing to see it and use it as the way most folks do. it certainly isn’t easy, but worth the struggle.


6 responses to “it’s here, hooray!

  1. Congratulations!

    Mine is bright red and I wear it nearly every day, no matter where I’m going. I call it my ‘Scarlet Fat’ and am proud to show it off.

  2. let’s also talk about the shirt you’re wearing under it – fabulous! and i totes love scarlet fat as a band name. i can sooooooo see that printed.

  3. I’d like to see the shirt in all its glory please.

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