go big or go home – ootd no. 0.5

the last time I remember being in public with bare arms is about 4 years ago in portland, oregon when i perhaps would have died of heat stroke (i know. portland. but it was one of the 2 days in the state that gets hotter than blazes). as a rule, i, like many fatties, do not bare arm it. this is something i want to change. i also want this year to be full of doing things that are scary/unfamiliar to me.

so, i bring you my first OOTD (for the uninitiated, “ootd” means Outfit of the Day and there are entire blogs dedicated to them (check out the ones over there on the right side of this blog under “fatshion” to get yourself started)).

this is ootd no. 0.5 because it’s not a full outfit. but, you know, baby steps. this pic is very symbolic for me. it symbolizes a huge step in my FA journey, it symbolizes a promise to myself to try and do things that scare me. the bathing suit top is from Land’s End – can I get a woot for underwire??


19 responses to “go big or go home – ootd no. 0.5

  1. Fabulous! You look amazing and so at ease. When I saw the title of this post I freaked out because I thought I had somehow missed a Big Moves Bay Area event (last year’s was called Go Big or Go Home) which was also the first time I went strapless/bare armed in public, too! After completing the Big Fat Summer Challenge (http://bit.ly/fCtXQs) I heard from lots of readers that I had inspired THEM! WTF?! Yeah, crazy, but what an experience! Wouldn’t trade it for the world. So please, do, post more and share your scary and fun experiences here. We’re all cheering you on!

  2. a. of all, LOVE. for you, for your balls, for venturing into that uncomfortable, unfamiliar territory – because that is where real growth comes from. i applaud you, friendlette.

    b. of all, LURVE. for the suit, which is both underwire and paisley! i love me some paisley.

    c. you rock on all counts. that is all.

  3. Im glad you are envoking your right to bare arms! The suit looks great on you!

  4. You look awesome, lady! Seriously, those colors rock and i just want to pet your arm. You look sassy and summery and wonderful. And like you smell like coconut. Also… i miss you!!!!

  5. This is beautiful. And you have wonderful arms.

  6. Woot. Love that you bared arms in Sayulita!

    I am also reticent to go sleeveless, but then I feel like why should I be hot all the time just because I don’t have biceps like Michelle Obama? There really is no reason. (Rambling.)

  7. Ditto to Meghan’s comment. LOVE the suit and you, my darling, have inspired me to GO SLEEVELESS myself this summer–(weather permitting and encouraging such boldness.) God knows I have enough sun screen to cover those shining white arms of mine so they don’t burn.
    Walking with you on the journey, xxoo, Penny

  8. AWESOME! Rock those arms baby! Love that top by the way.

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