giving thanks to my body

as Thanksgiving gets closer, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m thankful for (original, I know). this year, however, I’ve decided to be a bit more pro-active about those thoughts and list the top eight things I am thankful for about my body (top ten is so cliche).

I am thankful:
1. that my body allowed me to play varsity volleyball, club volleyball, and one year of college volleyball, while also playing basketball and softball. i was an awesome setter, and my body never gave up.

2. for my cheekbones.

3. that despite being a deathfattie for most of my life, i have had VERY few health problems.

4. for my flexible, strong, and pretty fingers, for they allowed me to play piano (rather well, i might add!) for 10+ years as a wee kid. Mom was right, I miss it and would like to start it up again.

5. for my curly hair. it’s awesome.

6. for my strong legs. they have carried me without fail for 30 years, through playing sports, traveling to different countries, to lifting hay bales and moving irrigation pipe.

7. for my arms; I get to hug people I love whenever I want.

8. and finally, for a body that keeps on keeping on, despite my years of not loving it. despite years of being downright mean and nasty to it. it never quit, and I only hope that through this practice I can begin to repay it for the amazing things it’s done for me, despite my shitty attitude toward it for so many years.

what are you thankful for regarding your body?


8 responses to “giving thanks to my body

  1. We don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia, but I think it’s important to be grateful, so I’m going to have a go.

    I am thankful that I have soft, warm hands. I’m thankful that my body is strong and healthy and it propels me through my life without giving me much to complain about. I’m thankful that I have such pretty feet. I’m thankful that I have such thick, rapidly growing hair, that forgives me bleaching, dyeing and soon shaving it off, all the time. I’m thankful that I have long eyelashes. I’m thankful for my healthy brain. I’m thankful for my living body.

  2. such wonderful thankfulness! (is that a word?) and I’m excited about this bald headed business, for reals.

  3. i am thankful that i have an amazing older older sister who i admire and respect beyond words. your honesty is refreshing and intelligent and insightful and your humor is always witty and sharp. i am thankful that i get to learn and be a small part of your journey through acceptance. love you!

  4. Re: your body: I think you missed (at least) one: your amazing rack. I mean, no one has hotness upstairs like you do!

    Re: my body: 1) That I have my mom’s hands and my dad’s feet, like almost exact clones, 2) My dimples, which are proof that I smile a lot, 3) An above average sense of smell and taste which allows me to enjoy so many beautiful flowers and plants and the scent of rain on the pavement, and so many lovely tastes and flavors coming out of my kitchen and the homes of people I love, 4) That I finally got with the program and cut all my hair off, and that now I get to have the back of my neck shaved, which is maybe my favorite feeling ever!, 5) My flexibility, 6) that my arms and wrists have found a way to put up with my hours of typing and writing each day, 7) That I have a strong hand shake. These are a few things about my body that I’m so thankful about.

  5. i’m thankful for your hair cut too, it is just so gd fabulous!

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