quick thoughts on big things

I’ve been away for a while and there’s probably a billion reasons for it. the obvious – I moved, got a new job, found an apartment, started the new job, bought furniture, loved the new job, attempted to unpack but really just moved things around from room to room, still love the new job, etc etc. The not so obvious – this shit is hard and I don’t wanna do it. even though i do. and when i decide to share it, people will know that I struggle with this and it will be scary to let them in.

HOWEVER, i am forging ahead. and kind of a lot has happened in the last couple months. so i’m going to do a brain dump just so i can get this bizz up and rolling again.

1. I bought the largest size pants i’ve ever purchased a few weeks ago. i thought i would collapse in the store and die of shame. alas, I did not. and my belly thanks me for the jeans that are comfortable. horror of horrors, they are a number higher than some of my other jeans! who the fuck cares – i also have jeans that are two sizes smaller that fit me better, so there you go.

2. my great uncle told me that if I didn’t want to lose weight, i was deluding myself. fuck him.

3. i have an apartment. this is not body image/FA related, but I want to share it because i love it and it makes me happy. and it will be my home when I really dive into this blog – I can picture myself sitting on the couch looking out on the gorgeous palm trees and architecture and sunny skies while clacking away at my computer. much like i’m doing right now. and this makes me smile. hooray!

4. i’ve decided to recommit (or, frankly, actually commit for the first time) to using this space in a very intentional, meaningful way.


3 responses to “quick thoughts on big things

  1. Re:
    1) a) I’m convinced that pants are sized in a way to purposefully keep us reconsidering and mostly hating our bodies.
    1) b) Agreed. Who the fuck cares?
    1) c) I’m about a million percent sure that you looked h-o-t in them.

    2) Agreed. Fuck him.

    3) It makes me infinitely happy to think of you clacking away at some good work, in an apartment that makes you happy.

    4) WaHOO!

  2. sorry i’ve taken up your couch space!

  3. sorry i’ve taken up your couch space!

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