the f word

warning: this post will read like fat acceptance 101 (or feminism 101, or social justice 101). if you’re used to more nuanced discussion around this type of issue, you’ll be let down. just sayin’.

F-A-T. good lord, just saying it engenders some serious discomfort from most people, doesn’t it? “you’re not fat!” “I wish you wouldn’t say that about yourself.” “what an ugly word.”

It’s absolutely no wonder we cringe when someone says “fat.” the charge around the word is just incredible. what if we de-charged it? what if we just used “fat” as another way to describe ourselves? “Hi, I’m Sabrina. I’m super witty, intelligent, play racquetball, love me some farmers markets, am fat, and have gorgeous curly hair and, quite frankly, near perfect toes.” it’s actually not that hard. the hard part comes when the person you’re talking to cringes when the f word pops up, and you then become “ambassador for fatties” and explain that, actually, YOU don’t see the word “fat” as disempowering, or mean, or ugly. it’s a descriptive word. it’s also a noun. as in, i have fat on my body. who doesn’t? (except for, because i’m eyeball deep in Olympics right now, cross country skiers. that shit is insane).


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